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Ascension report
Character dump
Final attributes
Vanquished creatures
Genocided species
Voluntary challenges
Your skills at the end

This text was posted on the 9. December 2003 on the newsgroup rec.games.roguelike.nethack

I have been playing Nethack since the eighties on the Amiga, even though at first I hardly understood the language. During all that time, I never ascended. There were pauses of several years, but eventually I always came back to try again.

Ascension report

The Beginning

So on the 20. November, I started as a lawful human Valkyrie with a pet cat named Kelly, which I almost immediately lost to a dart trap on Dvl 2.

Also on this level I found a stethoscope. In the course of the game this proved to be extremely useful. It helped me quite often to decide when to hack and when to run. Without it I don't think that this ascension would have been possible.

The Mines and Sokoban

The entrance to the mines was on Dvl 3, but the first Mines level was not lit, so I first completed Sokoban, where an amulet of reflection was waiting.

The minetown was of the Grotto town type. The altar was co-aligned and I got promptly Mjollnir from Tyr. This should be my first and only useful gift from Him. All others were spellbooks. Being a Valkyrie they were almost useless to me. Very funny, Tyr.

On Dvl 9 I finally found a bag of holding. At that point I was constantly at the brink of being burdened.

The Quest

Level 11 and 12 had two temples, but unfortunately both the priests were not co-aligned. An unattended altar was on 16. This altar became my main stash. Then I quickly completed the Quest. Considering that he is a giant Lord Surtur is quite easy to kill.

The first throne room I encountered was on level 17. Although I came across several I never got a wish from them.

Fort Ludios

Ludios was on Dvl 18. Overall, it was no problem, but there was one critical moment. I wasn't paying attention to my HP as I was fighting with Croesus. Suddenly I realized that I had just 1 HP left. Croesus must have been hitting me quite hard. Checking with my stethoscope Croesus didn't look so good either. One hit later he was killed.

With the money from Ludios I got my naked AC down to 1. Not much later I lost all the protection because I ate a lieutenant. This was just the first of many stupid moves, that should prolong this game considerably.

Medusa and the Castle

On Medusa's level the RNG started to have fun with me. A polymorph trap ripped apart my cloak of protection, my +5 tshirt and my +6 elvish mithril coat.

My next stupid move was to fall through the first trap door of the Castle without any means to levitate. So I couldn't get back up. But the RNG was kind enough to supply me in the Valley of Dead with a pair of levitation boots. Later I remembered that I could have invoked the Orb of Fate to level transport.


I have never before been deeper than the Castle, so I was quite cautious to proceed. Due to my previous accident with a polymorph trap I only had an AC of -4. I just wanted to take a quick glance around and then head back up. But a trap door left me 3 levels deep in Gehennom just under Asmodeus' level. I was so startled to see him, that I paid him off. 23$ is cheap enough. After getting sucked out by mind flayers again, I decided to genocide them with a blessed scroll.

After that I went back up and tried to get a decent AC. I had no magic markers, no wands of polymorph. I was trying for 40000 turns to get a scroll of enchant armor. I even tried robbing the only general shop that was in the main branch, without thinking that I'll lose my protection if I kill a human.


Then I just decided to enter Gehennom and hope to find there some of the needed scrolls. This plan proved to be successful, after a few levels in Gehennom I had found some enchant scrolls and a SDSM. I had an AC of -25, although I still had no cloak of Magic Resistance. But a ring of searching usually showed me the traps before I set them off.

Jubilex, Baalzebub and Orcus were all whimps. I started to twoweaponing Demonbane and a silver sabre which were quite effective against them.

Ascension run

On Dvl 47 my next stupid move was to accidently eat a chameleon. Wearing a silver dragon scale mail I turned into a dragon, ripping my new +5 tshirt and my new +4 cloak of magic resistance that I just had found. I used two wishes from magic lamps to replace them and shortly after that found the Vibrating Square on 48.

After killing Vlad and the Wizard of Yendor with Orcus' wand of death I was standing on the Vibrating Square and entered the Sanctum. There I genocide disenchanters after learning why they're called disenchanters. Getting the amulet was not a problem, a black dragon who couldn't aim properly was of great assistance to me.

The way up was eventless, the mysterious force just kicked in four times.

The Planes

The planes of earth, wind and air were no problem at all. On water I was very nervous because I didn't have an oilskin sack. Losing my already diluted potions of full healing would have been a nightmare.

The Astral Plane

On the Astral Plane I first head to the left temple. Two hits and Death is dead. The temple is Odins. On my way back, I do my last stupid move. I zap Death with a wand of death.

Trying getting to the middle temple, I first outrun Famine. Again the wrong temple, it's Lokis. On the way to the last altar, I kill Famine and Pestilence without them even touching me.

Then after all, I stand on the right altar...

You offer the Amulet of Yendor to Tyr...--More--
An invisible choir sings, and you are bathed in radiance...--More--
The voice of Tyr booms out: "Congratulations, mortal!"--More--
"In return for thy service, I grant thee the gift of Immortality!"--More--
You ascend to the status of Demigoddess...--More--

Character dump

Wittgenstein, lawful female human Valkyrie

                                 ? --------- !
            -----                  |.......|!                 -----
         [  [...|                  |..%_...|                  |...A[  @
     ---------..--    -            |..%....| !        ----   --@.---------
     |.......|...-- --   $      | [|..%)...|  |     $    -- --..a|.......|
     |.......|....---%          |. ----|----$.|  !?$      ---.A.a|......A|@[
     |..._.%%$....%%$%%%        |.....%$$%....|            .5.@a.+..@@...|@
     |.......|$...---%%         ---...%%....---  $        ---...q|.......|[
     |.......|...-- --   %        -----%-----        )   -- --@..|.@.@@..|[
     ---------..--   ----+---          %   --     ---%---    --..---------
           .....|      |% )-------    %     -------- % |      |....aA  T A
          -------      |     % % |  /        |    /    |      -------
                       -------   --$        --   -------
                             |    --  %    --    |
                             ---   ----+----   ---
                               |         %     |

Wittgenste the Warrior      St:25 Dx:16 Co:18 In:10 Wi:18 Ch:15  Lawful
Astral Plane $:2  HP:314(356) Pw:50(50) AC:-37 Xp:16/518093 T:145289 Satiated

Your inventory


J - a blessed amulet of life saving (being worn)


n - the blessed rustproof +6 Demonbane (weapon in hand)
O - a blessed +6 silver saber (wielded in other hand) // was +7


c - a blessed rustproof +4 pair of gauntlets of power (being worn) // was +5
C - a blessed fireproof +5 cloak of magic resistance (being worn)
I - a blessed rustproof +5 helm of telepathy (being worn)
L - a blessed fireproof +5 Hawaiian shirt (being worn)
U - a blessed fireproof +5 pair of speed boots (being worn)
W - a blessed +5 silver dragon scale mail (being worn)


m - a blessed lizard corpse named 1


h - the blessed Book of the Dead


o - 7 uncursed diluted potions of full healing


g - a blessed ring of levitation
T - an uncursed ring of conflict // didn't have much use for it
Y - a blessed ring of free action (on right hand)


M - a wand of teleportation (0:5)


a - a blessed +0 unicorn horn
d - a blessed blindfold
k - an uncursed magic whistle
s - a blessed stethoscope // couldn't have ascended without it
u - an uncursed skeleton key
w - a blessed bag of holding
D - an uncursed magic lamp (lit)
K - the blessed Orb of Fate (0:0)
S - the Bell of Opening (0:2)
V - the blessed Candelabrum of Invocation (7 candles, lit)
Contents of the bag of holding

Contents of the bag of holding


an uncursed amulet of magical breathing // made me a lot less nervous on plane of water
an uncursed amulet of reflection
an uncursed amulet of ESP
an uncursed amulet of life saving
an uncursed amulet of life saving
an uncursed amulet of life saving
an uncursed amulet of life saving
a cursed cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor // only souvenir I got


5 uncursed food rations
7 uncursed K-rations
2 uncursed cloves of garlic
an uncursed lizard corpse named 3
an uncursed lizard corpse named 2


a blessed scroll of blank paper
2 uncursed scrolls of blank paper
an uncursed scroll of remove curse
a blessed scroll of teleportation
7 blessed scrolls of enchant armor
a blessed scroll of create monster
an uncursed scroll of create monster
a blessed scroll of earth


2 potions of holy water named cola
2 potions of holy water named fanta
2 potions of holy water named sprite
2 uncursed potions of healing
3 uncursed potions of acid
a cursed potion of gain level
a blessed diluted potion of restore ability


an uncursed ring of searching
an uncursed ring of polymorph control
an uncursed ring of polymorph control
a cursed ring of polymorph
an uncursed ring of regeneration
an uncursed ring of regeneration
an uncursed ring of warning
an uncursed ring of slow digestion
an uncursed ring of slow digestion
a blessed ring of free action


a wand of magic missile (0:4)
a wand of magic missile (0:4)
a wand of teleportation (0:6)
a wand of teleportation (0:6)
a wand of teleportation (0:7)
a wand of digging (0:8)
a wand of digging (0:7)
a blessed wand of digging (0:8)
a blessed wand of digging (0:8)
a wand of polymorph (0:3)
a wand of speed monster (2:11)
a wand of make invisible (0:7)


an uncursed sack
a magic marker (1:16)
an uncursed tin opener
a tinning kit (0:44) // never got a chance to use it on Rodney
an uncursed blindfold
a blessed +0 unicorn horn
a blessed +0 unicorn horn
a horn of plenty (0:10)


2 uncursed luckstones
// snipped the rest, they appear in scorelist
Contents of the sack

Contents of the sack

a wand of teleportation (0:5)

Final attributes

  • You were the Hand of Elbereth
  • You were piously aligned
  • You were fire resistant
  • You were cold resistant
  • You were sleep resistant
  • You were disintegration-resistant
  • You were shock resistant
  • You were poison resistant
  • You were magic-protected
  • You saw invisible
  • You were telepathic
  • You were warned
  • You were invisible to others
  • You were stealthy
  • You aggravated monsters
  • You were protected
  • You were very fast
  • You had reflection
  • You had free action
  • Your life would have been saved
  • You were wielding two weapons at once
  • You were extremely lucky (13)
  • You had extra luck
  • Good luck did not time out for you
  • You survived

Vanquished creatures

  • Baalzebub
  • Orcus
  • Juiblex
  • The Wizard of Yendor (5 times)
  • Death (twice)
  • Pestilence
  • Famine
  • a high priest (4 created)
  • 2 mastodons (1 created)
  • Medusa
  • Croesus
  • ...
  • 3 gray dragons (4 created) // and no GDSM
  • 6 silver dragons (5 created)
  • 14 red dragons (18 created)
  • 4 white dragons (8 created)
  • 2 orange dragons
  • 8 black dragons (12 created)
  • 6 blue dragons (7 created)
  • 5 green dragons (6 created)
  • 4 yellow dragons (6 created)
  • ...
  • Lord Surtur
  • ...
  • Vlad the Impaler
  • ...
  • 9 Nazguls // got em all!
  • ...
  • 9 disenchanters (10 created)
  • 28 vampire lords (31 created)
  • ...
  • 52 black puddings (11 created)
  • 46 vampires (48 created)
  • ...
  • 18 air elementals (26 created)
  • 14 fire elementals (30 created)
  • 16 earth elementals (45 created)
  • 11 water elementals (30 created)
  • ...
  • 3 erinyes
  • ...
  • an electric eel (8 created) [weakest single]
  • ...
  • 119 soldiers (120 created) // Ludios
  • ...
  • 52 cockatrices (60 created)
  • ...
  • 21 chickatrices (24 created)
  • ...
  • 2 white unicorns (9 created) // I didn't do it
  • 13 gray unicorns
  • 7 black unicorns
  • ...
  • 131 killer bees [most whacked]
  • ...
  • 5028 creatures vanquished.

Genocided species

  • hobbits
  • dwarves
  • bugbears
  • dwarf lords
  • dwarf kings
  • mind flayers
  • master mind flayers
  • liches
  • demiliches
  • master liches
  • arch-liches
  • rust monsters
  • disenchanters
  • 13 species genocided.

Voluntary challenges

  • You genocided 13 types of monsters
  • You polymorphed 749 items // didn't know the dump patch dumps this
  • You changed form 3 times // I never wanted to
  • You used 7 wishes
  • You did not wish for any artifacts

Your skills at the end

Fighting Skills
bare handed combat[Skilled]
two weapon combat[Basic]
Weapon Skills
long sword[Expert]
Spellcasting Skills
Farvel Wittgenstein the Demigoddess...
You went to your reward with 6632838 points,
The Book of the Dead (worth 10000 zorkmids and 25000 points)
Demonbane (worth 2500 zorkmids and 6250 points)
The Orb of Fate (worth 3500 zorkmids and 8750 points)
The Bell of Opening (worth 5000 zorkmids and 12500 points)
The Candelabrum of Invocation (worth 5000 zorkmids and 12500 points)
15 rubies (worth 52500 zorkmids),
14 amber stones (worth 14000 zorkmids),
13 emeralds (worth 32500 zorkmids),
13 fluorite stones (worth 5200 zorkmids),
11 aquamarine stones (worth 16500 zorkmids),
11 topaz stones (worth 9900 zorkmids),
10 diamonds (worth 40000 zorkmids),
10 amethyst stones (worth 6000 zorkmids),
9 black opals (worth 22500 zorkmids),
5 sapphires (worth 15000 zorkmids),
4 turquoise stones (worth 8000 zorkmids),
4 citrine stones (worth 6000 zorkmids),
4 jasper stones (worth 2000 zorkmids),
4 jade stones (worth 1200 zorkmids),
3 dilithium crystals (worth 13500 zorkmids),
3 jet stones (worth 2550 zorkmids),
2 jacinth stones (worth 6500 zorkmids),
2 chrysoberyl stones (worth 1400 zorkmids),
2 garnet stones (worth 1400 zorkmids),
1 opal (worth 800 zorkmids),
1 obsidian stone (worth 200 zorkmids),
1 agate stone (worth 200 zorkmids),
5 amulets of life saving (worth 750 zorkmids),
1 amulet of ESP (worth 150 zorkmids),
1 amulet of reflection (worth 150 zorkmids),
1 amulet of magical breathing (worth 150 zorkmids),
1 cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor (worth 0 zorkmids),
and 2 pieces of gold, after 145289 moves.
Killer: ascended
You were level 16 with a maximum of 356 hit points when you ascended.