This is release 2.6.9 (22 October 2006) of Vilistextum.
Vilistextum is a html to text / ascii converter specifically programmed to get the best out of incorrect html. It is released as free software under the terms of the GNU GPL Version 2.

Some features:


For multibyte support your system needs libiconv.

If you want to use the GUI-frontend, you need to have kaptain installed.

How to read HTML mail with gnus or mutt using vilistextum

If you want to use vilistextum for automatically converting html mails to ascii read htmlmail.

Bug reports or comments:

You can send your comments or bug reports in German or English to bhaak@gmx.net.
If you've discovered a bug, please also include the link or attach a copy of the html file that caused the bug.
There is a mailinglist on Sourceforge.
Patric Müller